You'll see "Suthnautr" all over the web - Suthnautr is me, Dave Curtis and I'm all about Small Business Search Engine Optimization. Small Business SEOs need to be more broadly versed and have hands on working experience working with every aspect of search optimization, online marketing, online branding (public relations, reputation management, viral marketing, brand buzz monitoring, campaign management strategy and tactics), site auditing, analytics and A/B testing, web forms (creation, monitoring, information retrieval, data entry, response management etc), eMail Newsletter offer lead generation (conversion and transaction tracking through and with analytics, plus A/B/C multi-version results percentage return sample comparisons for statistical analysis), etc.

There is no aspect of SEO that "Small Business Search Engine Optimization" can afford to overlook. There is no area one link in the complex chain that can be so weakly understood or implemented that it can be overlooked.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO), properly done, is a complex process involving on-site and off-site optimization including (but not limited to):

  • Market niche analysis - Part of the standard Site Audit
  • Competition analysis - Part of the standard Site Audit
  • Keyword and Keyphrase analysis - Part of the standard Site Audit
  • Copywriting and Marketing Communications Campaign Management (Create/Optimize/Deploy/Promote)
  • User friendly elements of Web site design and navigation (Google *does* take usability into account & will demote)
  • Conversion forms: email/newsletter signup form, consultation form, estimate form
  • Web site analytics: rate this site, internal on-site search term tracking, statistical page tracking, conversion rate measurement and so much more
  • Host file optimization: .htaccess, robots.txt, site-maps etc.
  • Spread Sheet Managed Pay Per Click advertising campaign management (tracking, adjusting/trimming, optimizing)
  • Scheduled e-newsletter development and deployment
  • Direct to consumer on-site news releases
  • An on-site blog for developing web 2.0 dialogue
  • Public Relations / Online Reputation Management
  • Link Development - Content is king, back-links are queen. Note on Local Search & Link Development

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